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Crypto Travel Club

Earn passive income with staking your tokens
Biggest discounts save up to 75% on your bookings

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StarTRAVELLER pioneering the way we travel now and into the future while embracing cryptocurrency, blockchain and advanced innovative technology.

  • We accept crypto payments, swap your crypto to get an exclusive membership
  • Earn passive income with staking your tokens
  • Biggest discounts save up to 75% on your bookings
  • Our network is huge over 1 million places to book!
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About Us

  • StarTRAVELLER is an exclusive membership-only online travel club developed for the StarONE Initiative. Access via a secure website allows members to make a variety of global bookings from travel, hotel & resort accommodation, flights, car rental, cruises, theme parks, sports packages and so much more - all at heavily discounted rates that are further backed by a "best price guarantee".
  • The StarTraveller platform currently offers 1 million+ properties covering over 50,000 destinations in 230 countries and territories, and with prices up to 75% cheaper than mainstream travel booking platforms.
  • By introducing Blockchain technology and multiple cryptocurrency and traditional payment options alongside benefits tied to our proprietary cryptocurrency StarX, our customers know they are booking with a platform of the future that's secure along with transparent pricing and backed up by our guaranteed best pricing.
  • The StarTraveller value proposition is bolstered by STARX as the native cryptocurrency and can be converted to our StarXT which can be used for payments, receiving and redeeming loyalty rewards, refunds, and as a store of value, among several other use cases.
  • We have created a travel booking experience that incorporates next generation blockchain technology and tokenized incentives that rewards our members while they travel.
  • StarTraveller is pioneering the future of how we travel.
Save Up To 75%

Compared to Expedia, Travelocity & Other Travel Sites*

Average savings of 33 - 44% of Hotel Stays


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Air Travel

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Unlock huge savings with a StarTRAVELLER membership

Get a lifetime discount up to 75% ALL IN
It’s our mission to help you prioritize what matters most: crafting new memories with your loved ones as you explore the world together.

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StarTRAVELLER proudly offers access to hundreds of worldwide travel brands, including:

Unlock a World of Travel and Adventure at a Fraction of The Cost

1,000,000+ Properties
Price Guarantee
Crypto to Purchase
Reward Credits
Personal Concierge
Weekly Stay

Membership Plans

Pay with fiat or your preferred crypto including:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Tether USD
  • Binance Coin

Silver Membership
Gold Membership
Platinum Membership
$500 Represented by 500 StarXT tokens
$5,000 Represented by 5,000 StarXT tokens
$12,500 Represented by 12,500 StarXT tokens

Lifetime Membership

Lifetime Membership

Lifetime Membership

1mill + Hotels
Best Price Guarantee
Car Hire
Boomerang Rewards
Personal Concierge
Guest Passes
8 Passes 8 Passes 8 Passes
Reward Credits
Family Membership
Gift Cards
Shopping Rewards
Transport & Lounges
Worldwide Tours
Weekly Stays
Timeshare Owners
My Vacation Resort FREE 1 Week Accommodation
Crypto Benefits
Crypto Value
500 StarXT 5,000 StarXT 12,500 StarXT
Annual Interest
5% 7.5% 10%
Your Membership Plans
Pay with fiat or your preferred crypto including:
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Tether USD
  • Binance Coin
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StarTRAVELLER is providing huge range of package deals of accommodation and entertainment, nightlife entertainment, merchandising, personal/couple tours, spa service, online travel booking and family/kid-friendly holidays.

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